Decent WWE Smackdown Sends Us Into Raw 1,000 (July 20, 2012)

This past Friday night’s episode of WWE Smackdown was really just okay; there was really nothing so bad (like a Great Khali match) where I felt the need to run to Twitter and complain but there was also nothing so good that I eager to write this blog post right away (hence the reason for it already being Sunday afternoon). So, without further ado, here is a quick recap of the show:

The highlight of the show was the main event, which saw a returning Rey Mysterio team up with World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus to take on the team of Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler. The match was set up when Mysterio kicked off the show talking about his return, followed by Del Rio and Sheamus coming out to each lay claim to the world title. When they were about to attack Mysterio, Sheamus came out to make the save and the match was set. As for the match itself, it ended in a disqualification when Ricardo Rodriguez tried to stop Sheamus from hitting Del Rio with the Brogue Kick. After the match, Del Rio locked Sheamus into the Cross Armbreaker before walking away, leaving Ziggler holding his Money In The Bank briefcase. Ziggler made his way into the ring and started to hand it to the referee when Mysterio made the save, hitting him with the 619, following a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. This is not the first time Ziggler has unsuccessfully tried to cash in the MITB briefcase and hopefully there are not too many times (or any at all) before he actually does it.

The worst part of the night was what happened after the first match of the night, an eight-man tag team match featuring the teams of Hunico, Camacho, Darren Young & Titus O’Neil vs. Primo & Epico and the WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth. Last week, after Young and O’Neil lost in consecutive nights to Primo/Epico and the tag champs, I wrote that this was the end of all the feuds within the tag team division and either one of two things would happen – new feuds would be established or the division would be laid to rest yet again after a very brief, albeit somewhat successful, resurgence. Unfortunately it was the latter that occurred as after the match ended (which the heels won after distracting the referee), Big Show came out and laid out six of the eight men (the Prime Time Players escaped) and then grabbed a microphone and said nothing more than, “And….what?” I agree that Big Show is  best served as monster heel, but not at the expense of the entire tag team division, including the champs.

Damien Sandow defeated Zack Ryder in a quick match which saw Ryder unsuccessfully try to get the upper hand by attacking Sandow before the bell rang.

Last night did see the return of Christian’s in-ring talk show, The Peep Show, and his guests were Daniel Bryan & AJ. Given the crowd’s reaction to Bryan and the upcoming wedding, I don’t know if the WWE is going to make the move to turn Bryan face like I had predicted earlier in the week. The segment led to Bryan having to face one of AJ’s crazy ex-boyfriends, Kane, and that match ended in a disqualification when AJ got involved. After the match, AJ found herself in a position to kiss Kane but ultimately walked away with Bryan. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kane make an appearance at the wedding tomorrow night given that no in-ring WWE wedding ever goes off without a hitch.

In what I assume was the final WWE legend returning to promote the 1,000th episode of WWE Raw, Road Warrior Animal defeated Heath Slater in a quick match. While these returning legends the past couple of months have never put on classic wrestling matches, it has been great and very nostalgic to see some unfamiliar faces returning to the ring for one more match.


About Micah Kleid

I am what you call a WWE Super Fan. I have been a fan since 1991, when I was 10 years old, with the first pay-per-view I ever saw being Survivor Series of that year when The Undertaker made his debut. From that moment I was hooked and I never looked back. Now, over 20 years later, I watch Raw and Smackdown every week, I attend nearly every pay-per-view that comes to Baltimore and I travel fairly extensively for live shows, including every Wrestlemania 18 and then every one since Wrestlemania 23. But, despite being a Super Fan, I am still critical of the product and, like many fans, feel I could turn things around in less than a year if they would hire me as a member of the creative team. So this that won't happen, this blog was born instead.
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